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Hi, I'm Bailey. I'm a 30-year-old opinionated sassy gal living in St. Petersburg, Florida with my Australian Shepherds, Aspen and Oak. I am originally from Oklahoma, spent two years living in Salt Lake City, followed by two years in Dallas and now I'm a Floridian. I am navigating running my own business, living with an autoimmune disease, dating in 2020, being a driven woman and all the craziness that brings. I am an experience enthusiast and have traveled across the US and the world. I am constantly seeking to connect with other badass women and I frequently use my blog to tell the stories of amazing women or issues that impact women. I am opinionated, sassy, stubborn and I love to talk - hence, the babblings. I enjoy sharing my stories and experiences as I navigate this thing called life. My blog is a feature of my life experiences. I love reading, I'm a nerd with a Master's Degree and I have an insatiable quench for learning. I am a lover of experiences and travel. Stepping onto new land and submersing myself in another culture fills my soul in ways I can't explain. I share my thoughts and experiences on travel, experiences, beauty, branding, dating, sex, business, mental health, social injustice, incredible females, education and badass-ery. I am a proponent of female-empowerment, growth mindsets and leadership. 



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