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I'm glad you're here. Pour yourself a glass of wine, a bourbon or whatever you fancy and go on an adventure with me. 

Whether you're here for stories of experiences, stepmotherhood, new motherhood, travel, branding, entrepreneurship, leadership, fierce females, social causes, or otherwise, I'm so grateful you found my little corner of the internet. 

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My Story

Hi, I'm Bailey. I'm a 32-year-old gal living in St. Petersburg, Florida with my handsome partner, Wade, my 3 bonus kids, my baby, & my Australian Shepherds - Aspen and Murphy. Let's just say it's busy over here. I am originally from Oklahoma, spent two years living in Salt Lake City, followed by two years in Dallas and now I'm a Floridian. I am navigating running two of my own businesses while also being a stepmom & new-ish mom. 

I am an experience enthusiast and have traveled across the US and parts of the world. I am constantly seeking to connect with other badass women and I frequently use my blog to tell the stories of amazing women or issues that impact women. I am opinionated, sassy, stubborn and I love to talk - hence, the babblings. I enjoy sharing my stories and experiences as I navigate this thing called life.

My blog is a feature of my life experiences. I love reading, I'm a nerd with a Master's Degree in Administrative Leadership and I have an insatiable quench for learning. I am a lover of experiences and travel. Stepping onto new land and submersing myself in another culture fills my soul in ways I can't explain. I share my thoughts and experiences on entrepreneurship, stepmom/mom life, travel, experiences, beauty, branding, sex, business, mental health, social injustice, incredible females, education and badass-ery. I am a proponent of female-empowerment, growth mindsets and leadership. Thanks for being here. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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