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Why Women Should Try Boxing

When I was in college I took kickboxing as an elective and I enjoyed it but never truly got into it. I've tried an assortment of fitness and exercise options. I enjoy lifting weights and going to the gym but I always loved the group dynamic of CrossFit. Unfortunately, CrossFit started taking a terrible toll on my joints so I stopped. A couple of months ago, I went in to try out Mayweather Boxing and Fitness in Largo, Florida. I was hooked from my first class. The St. Pete location is closer to me so I started attending that one but regardless, I am so obsessed. Mayweather Boxing & Fitness is more than a boxing gym. They combine bag work and HIIT to give you an intense but gratifying workout. I've always liked HIIT-style workouts and I love the group dynamic but I think it's honestly the boxing portion that I'm hooked on. Not only do I get a good workout but I feel stronger and I get to take out stress. There is just something about feeling all of your strength course through your body as you hit the bag. And stepping into the ring and working through partner drills not only is a mental and physical challenge but it can help you defend yourself if need by and improve reflexes. All of the classes and workouts are built around Floyd’s dynamic speed, agility and cardio conditioning training. The combinations you go through are all combinations that Floyd uses when he's boxing.

Most of the Mayweather classes start with half of the class working through bag drills on 4 types of bags and then moving on to HIIT exercises. Some classes have an emphasis on form and combinations with movement. Other classes have an emphasis on power and strength and then the HIIT classes are focused on HIIT intervals interwoven throughout. Both of the locations near me - St. Pete & Largo are a franchise owned by a local Floridian. He runs them extremely well, keeps them impressively clean and has an incredible staff. All of the instructors are incredible but my favorite is definitely Alyssa. She is intense and kicks up your motivation in the best way. She challenges you and makes you push yourself outside your comfort zone. I look forward to going Mayweather multiple times per week. Even if I am dragging or tired before a class, I am always pumped and glad I went afterward. My body has gotten stronger and leaner. I feel more confident. My balance has improved. My technique is getting better. And overall I just feel better. There are numerous physical and mental benefits of boxing for women. Some of my favorites include: - Full body toning and sculpting - Burning fat and calories all over your body

- Improved cardiovascular fitness and endurance

- Increased muscle strength

- Greater self-confidence

- Bursts of feel-good hormones and endorphins

- Learn self-defense skills

- Improved mental health and decreased stress I am obsessed with boxing, particularly Mayweather Boxing & Fitness and I think you will be too. I've already introduced a couple of friends to it and they love it as much as I do. There are locations across the nation so check out their site to see if there is a location near you.

If you're in the St. Pete or Largo, FL area, your first class is free and then if you want to sign up, you get the $50 upgrade waved when you use BoxingBaes. #boxing #boxingbaes #boxingbabes #boxingwomen #floydmayweather

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