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How to celebrate Valentine's Day when you're single

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Welp, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Hopefully, you're not one of those people dwelling on being single during a very commercialized Hallmark holiday. I hope you are single and embracing it. But nonetheless, it can be overwhelming in the social media age to be single when you see all the couple's highlight reels. So if you are single and wanting to make the most out of your Valentine's Day this year, I have some suggestions for you...

1. Treat yourself to a spa day

There is nothing that says I love myself like gifting yourself a nice massage and/or facial.

2. Take yourself to dinner or UberEats in your favorite meal

Get dressed up, take yourself to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine and great meal. OR ... put on your favorite lounge wear, pour yourself a glass of wine and UberEats your favorite meal.

3. Treat your self with your favorite bath bombs, wine and a nice new silk robe

One of my favorite rituals is a hot bath, bath bombs, a glass of wine, a good book and then slipping on a silk robe after.

4. Make yourself a yummy treat

Bake some brownies, make some chocolate covered strawberries or anything else you like.

5. Go on a date with your besties

Call your single gal pals, make reservation somewhere fun and treat each other to a nice romantic friends dinner.

6. Have a girls night

Gather up the wine, rom coms, your gal pals and yummy food or treats and celebrate the flexibility and freedom of singleness with your girlfriends.

7. Buy yourself a Valentines gift

Want makes you feel good? Do you love getting flowers or are you more of a box of chocolates person? Or are you more a new pair of heels or tennis shoes gal? Buy yourself your own Valentine's Day gift.

8. Go on a Valentine's Day getaway

It doesn't have to be far, you can take a little roadtrip, have a staycation or hop on a plane to somewhere fun. Just get out of your place and enjoy yourself.

9. Make Valentine's

They say the best way to feel love, is to give love. Whether you want to go the elementary school route and buy pre-made Valentines or you want to make your own crafty version, just fill them out and deliver them to your favorite people. Or you can send a sweet Valentines gift to one of your single friends.

10. Give yourself some self-love

Keep scrolling if you're easily offended but you don't need a partner to make yourself say, "O." Stop by the adult store, buy yourself a new toy and play Hailee Steinfeld's "Love myself," while you bring yourself to total satisfaction.

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