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Welcome To App Dating

Dating in 2019 is weird. It's mostly this weird exchange of odd conversations across platforms like dating apps and Instagram. Navigating dating in a place like Utah was even more confusing throwing in the cultural dynamics. Then when I tried app dating for the first time living in Utah, it became even more strange for me. Fast forward to being a few years older and navigating the app dating world in Dallas, it's just as odd - maybe even more so.

My first app date had mutual friends so I thought it was a safe bet. Turns out he was a finger sucker.

My next app date was with a Utah tech CEO. He has a little black book of his dates, complete with notes. Did I mention he told me he was professionally dating to find a wife?!

Not all of my app dating has been a bad experience though. I did meet my ex-boyfriend on Bumble and we dated for about 9 months when I was living in Utah. The beginning of that relationship has a very sweet story.

Dating in 2019 is complicated and interesting. Alicia and I dive into that in this first YouTube episode. She also tells me why she pepper sprayed someone on the first date. He definitely deserved it.

To see our stories of initiation into dating, our best dates, our worst dates and everything in between, check out the YouTube video below.

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