The 50 Books I Read In 2020

Each year I challenge myself to read more books. The book number for 2020 was 50. That seemed daunting until the pandemic hit. I'm quite certain from March until June, I spent most evenings in my bathtub with a large glass (eh maybe a bottle) of wine & a good book. I also often found myself laying on my outdoor patio of my high-rise apartment soaking up some sun while devouring another book. The pandemic caused a bit of an issue in my work life, like many of us, not to mention my social life, so I had an abundance of free time to hit my goal. I finished the last book just the day before New Year's but I did it. 50 books! Whew. What a feat. I won't lie, I'm proud of that number.

Some books, especially those with well-known authors, I like to listen to on Audible. For example, listening to Obama or Matthew McConaughey read their books gives the story a whole new depth and even deeper story-telling element. Other books I will read with an actual physical book. I love the feel of a book between my hands, especially laying in a hammock or laying on the beach. I tried to use a Kindle in the past but I wasn't really a huge fan.

The average American reportedly reads 4 books per year but unfortunately, many people I know, especially back home in Oklahoma don't even read one book a year. Reading is so important. It's important to always expand our thoughts, knowledge & understanding of the world. Whether you are seeking a place to gain understanding, expand your worldview or escape into a fake tale, there are so many useful purposes of reading.

I tried to mix up my reading list this year based on places I traveled like Salem, social causes, knowledge I wanted to gain, and then a few books just to escape and read for fun.

Here is the list of books I read in 2020.

1. Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

2. The Salem With Trials By Marilynne K. Roach

3. The Paris Hours By Alex George

4. Greenlights By Matthew McConaughey

5. A Promised Land By Barack Obama

6. The Undefeated Mind By Alex Lickerman

7. Art of Seduction By Robert Greene

8. Cesar's Way By Cesar Milan & Melissa Jo Peltier

9. Super Attractor By Gabrielle Bernstein

10. Screwball By Simon Rich

11. Sapiens By Yuval Noah Harari

12. Folsom Untold By Danny Robins