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Silobration Recap & Tips for Your Trip to Waco

A couple of weeks ago, the ladies in my family packed up and drove to Waco for the Silboration. We actually just happened to plan our trip during the Silobration and didn't actually know it was going on until we got there. I definitely want to plan to go next year and stay for the concerts, especially if they have JohnnySwim for a third time. If you haven't been, you should add it to your calendar for next year. The Silobration is Magnolia’s annual celebration including a vendor fair with over 80 vendors, food trucks, activities, concerts and more. It's a big deal - like 40,000 people go in a 3 day window kind of big deal. Everything Chip and Jo do is epic and the Silobration is no different. This year was their fourth celebration. It was a grey, drizzling rain kind of day but we didn’t let that put a damper on our fun. As my momma likes to say, “we brought our own sunshine.”

I’ve been to Magnolia during the Summer but this was the first fall trip and my first time to the Silobration. I loved all of the feel-good-vibes we felt while we were there. Even though it was rainy and slightly crowded, everyone seemed to be having such a great time and there were so many cool things to see and yummy things to taste.

We also went to their scratch and dent store - Magnolia Warehouse- just a few miles away for the first time. I was not impressed by the setup or the selection. At Magnolia, I am always awed by how well thought out everything is but the scratch and dent warehouse seemed completely opposite. The flow into and throughout the store does not work. It is a very tiny space and there is no fluid flow of traffic. It is a very slow process so be prepared to wait quite a while. Don’t go in with high expectations of selection because it is very limited. However, I did find two metal wall vases I was eyeing last time we went to Magnolia, marked down to 40% off so it was worth the wait. Our other favorite place to visit while we’re in Waco is the Findery. Both locations are amazing and just a block from each other. We found the coolest tapestry for my apartment last time we were there and we found just as many cool decor items this time. They have a website with most of their offerings but not everything is listed online. For example, the tapestry I bought was only in-store, so you definitely find some treasures in-store you won't get online. Not to mention, they had their Christmas decor out and they were serving beer and wine. Uhm, yes please. Is there anything better to sipping wine and shopping while listening to some really great red dirt music? Sign me up for that every time.

Cutest spin on an advent calendar

There is so much creativity, brilliance and entrepreneur spirit among the stores in Waco and the vendors who were just there for the Silobration. The talent and love put into all of their businesses is inspiring. My favorite vendors from the Silobration are: 1. Call Me Old Fasioned

And here are my pointers if you're taking a trip to the Silos in Waco: 1. Go during the week - you'll beat some of the weekend madness and lines.

2. Get there early - lines start forming at like 11.

3. Go a few blocks over to Spice Village - think of it as an indoor vendor fair that lasts all year. It's an eclectic grouping of mini-boutiques with home decor, clothing, jewelry and more.

4. Go to the both locations of the Findery - they are just down the street from the Silos.

5. Head a few blocks in the other way - there's a grouping of cute boutiques and restaurants like Iron Willow, Pie Peddlers and more. I didn't try the pie because I'm gluten-free but we walked through and it smelled heavenly. We also found all kinds of cute things when we were walking through the group of shops alongside.

6. Plan for breakfast or lunch at Magnolia Table - We planned on going after our shopping was done for an early dinner but missed it because they close at 3. I’ve included some pictures of my favorite items from the Silobration, the vendors and the Findery. Maybe something will inspire you or get you in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

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