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Building A Personal Brand Lesson 1 - Cards & Personalized Stationery

Building a personal brand has many components. You want each interaction with someone to leave a certain impression on them. You want certain things to remind someone of you, your brand and what you do. Your personal brand carries over into your business and any interaction you have with others. In today's world of digital everything, going back to the basics and actually utilizing cards, written words and unique business cards can set you apart. It can also leave a lasting impression.

Some of the best unique and custom business card capabilities I've found are from Basic Invite. They have clear, foil or a number of other customizable options. When a person has a stack of business cards, a unique texture, shape or feel will automatically make your business card stand out and Basic Invite delivers on all of those options.

If you know me, or you have followed me for a while, you know that I love words. I love to write, I love to use words of affirmation, I love to receive words of affirmation. I also love cards. All kinds of cards. I could spend just as much time in the card aisle as I could in the book store. I tend to write cards for an assortment of reasons, whether it's just because, if they're going through a hard time, to tell them thank you, or to tell them that I love them. I've recently found that I like to order custom stationery that is blank or has a general personal brand that can be used in an assortment of ways. This stationery can easily transition from personal to professional uses in many ways or you can have individual custom versions for both. Having personalized stationery to reflect your personal or professional brand is such a nice added touch that distinguishes you from the masses.

One of my favorite places to order cards or stationery is Basic Invite. Basic Invite allows essentially unlimited color options, custom samples, over 40 different colors of envelopes, address capturing service, foil and more. I can include photos, certain typography, logos or really anything I want on my stationery. I can completely design and customize anything I want. If you're looking to find a way to help your brand stand out, order custom stationery or cards. You won't be disappointed and I'll bet you'll get quite a bit of positive feedback.


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