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10 Boss Babe Brands

10 of my favorite female owned or co-owned brands or service providers.

Females Supporting Each Other
Females Working Together

I'm all about women empowering other women. As I've written before, some of the worst female bashing and tearing down of women comes from other women. I see nastier cyberbullying attacks from fellow women which makes my head spin. When women come together and support each other, it's a beautiful thing.

In an effort to walk the talk on female empowerment, I want to show some love to some badass babes and introduce you to brands or people you may jive well with. I've pulled together some of my favorite female brands or service providers and many of them have been amazing enough to offer a discount code to all of you.

1. Peachy Keen Studios Shelsea & Viviana - Dallas, Texas

This dynamic duo is incredible. They own a cruelty-free eyelash and beauty bar & salon. I stumbled upon them in a search for a higher quality lash stylist. They focus on the highest quality of work. Their salon is absolutely adorable and the gals working are awesome. I've heard if you want to get into the hair side of the salon, you better get on the list because Viviana is booked out through the next year.

If you can't get into Shelsea for lash extensions, check out Vanessa or any of the other gals. I can't vouch for the others but I can vouch for Vanessa. She focuses on superb quality while maintaining complete health. I was blown away by the attention to detail and focus on lash integrity, especially after going to a stylist that ruined my natural lashes. Not to mention only like 3 of my lashes fell off in 2 weeks.

Shelsea also started a super cool complementary business with Makeup Maven Academy. Join them on Oct 13 for the perfect pre-game to girls night out. You'll learn how to do the perfect smokey eye while sipping on adult beverages and you'll leave with a dope swag bag. For 10% off your GNO ticket, use code BAILEY18. Get your tickets here, they're going fast.

2. Three Cutters Esthetician - Erica Treat - Denver, CO

Erica is a radiant, fun-loving and encouraging boss babe. She is an extremely talented esthetician for all things beauty, including Borboleta lashes, facials, peels, and all things skincare. She is a wealth of knowledge and always trying to share her tricks and information with others. She is so positive and so great to be around. You will leave feeling refreshed on the outside and inside! She's currently offering $20 any service for a new guest.

3. Adney Artistry - Tiffany Adney - Tulsa, OK

Want to feel like you just stepped onto a movie set and you're the star? Go see Tiffany.

She recently slayed my makeup for a photo shoot and my ten-year reunion. She had me feeling fierce in a classic makeup look with a bold red lip. Tiffany is a complete perfectionist and it shows in all of her work. She sees every single detail of your makeup. Whether you have an event or just want to get your makeup done, her work is worth every penny. She's in hot demand though, she's booked out pretty far in advance so if you have an event coming up, book her quick.

4. KPP Photography - Kirstie Clark - Dallas, TX

Let's start by me letting you know this lady happens to be my best friend. Even with that teeny bit of bias, she is undoubtedly one of the best birth photographers you'll ever see. She has an unparalleled ability to evoke such strong, raw emotions through her photographs. And no, I'm not just saying that because she's my bestie. Many of her photos have gone viral and she has been reposted across platforms such as Love What Matters & The Huffington Post. If you're expecting and you want to capture that special day, Kirstie's offering a limited time offer for $100 off a birth session if booked at consult.

5. Chelcea Reece Photography - Chelcea Reece - Tulsa, OK

This Oklahoma gal brings about magic from her camera lens. Her focus is wedding photography and she does everything from engagement, wedding, elopement and more. She does an array of lifestyle, family or creative shoots but when I think of her, I think THE wedding photographer. Her ability to capture and evoke emotion tells such a beautiful story between the couple. She has photographed weddings all over the world, including the wedding of a dear friend of mine in the Almafi Coast in Italy. Talk about breathtaking. It is said that brides are to the point of moving their wedding date just to make sure she can be the one who is behind the lens at their wedding. If you're recently engaged, make sure you check her out for all of your wedding photography needs.

6. Eva Lena Salon - Cheyenne Sellmeyer - Ft. Worth, TX

Funny story about this lady. We met during a Bachelor casting call in Dallas. She was the only gal who talked to me. She popped over with a girlfriend and said, "Hey we're going to sit with you." From that point on, I realized what a rad human she was. Then I learned about the rad things she is doing in the salon world. If you have ever worked in a salon, you might know how catty it can be. I can tell you from my own personal experience working in a salon can be hell. Cheyenne and he co-founder have sought to approach their salon from a much deeper vantage. Rather than just teach them skill and technique, they start with teaching them empathy, business skill, self-awareness, financial literacy and more. The vibe is unlike any other salon I've stepped foot in. You just feel the good juju. And if Cheyenne is there, she might even give you a great big hug with a big beautiful smile on her face. You feel the warmth of her soul just being around her and she is working to develop her team to be so much more than good stylists.

In addition to all of the deep work she is doing, she is also changing the game in hair extensions. Eva Lena has taken the luxury of hair extensions and made it available to everyone through a membership program. It is absolutely genius. Not to mention, they do outstanding work and have an extreme focus on health and integrity of the natural hair. If you're in the DFW area, you should check them out, even if you don't want extensions, get a blowout or a cut and you'll leave feeling much better than you came in.

7. Black Sheep Boutique - Sarah Lawrence - Tulsa, OK

Sarah is an ambisionista and a fashionista. She's a beautiful gal with a fun personality and a killer style. She runs one of Tulsa's best boutiques. From an early age, she realized she liked different styles than the other girls and often felt like the black sheep. She fell in love with experimenting with looks and styles which just confirmed her love for styling and fashion. She hustled to finish high school at 16 so she could attend cosmetology school as a stepping stone. From there, she launched Black Sheep Boutique when she was just 20. If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is.

her message to girls is to be true to yourself; break away from the herd and pave your own way. Be a black sheep!

For 10% off your purchase with Black Sheep, use code "BAILEY10"

8. Blank Med Spa - Kelley Woods & Jessica Jacobson - Tulsa, OK

Unfortunately, we all age. Some of us love being natural and crunchy. Some of us prefer being a little extra. When it comes to being extra, I want the best possible quality and I want a luxurious experience. That's exactly what you get when you walk into Blank Med Spa.

Kelley Woods is a nurse and one of the co-owners of this impressively sleek med spa. Jessica is a highly trained and experienced esthetician and co-owner. Blank is positioned on top of the iconic Box Yard Tulsa. From the moment you open the door, everything screams luxury. And would you want anything less than luxury when you're talking about botox and hydrofacials?! Blank Med Spa focuses on delivering tailored results to their clients because they realize no face is the same. The team is skilled at ensuring a look that never looks fake. People will just think you look bright and well rested. Right now, you can enjoy their clear and brilliant laser treatment for 20% off.

9. Blankenship Design Studios - Shelby Berry - Tulsa, OK

Shelby Berry has an iconic vibe about her. She is edgy but has the most loving and compassionate spirit. Not to mention, she can transform a head of hair, run a salon and manages to be an awesome mom & wife. She has a badass salon space and only brings on other badass babes to her team like Maleah Kincade, Becky Shipman, Jennifer Wollenschlager and the lash stylist, Lynn (Lynn Does Lashes). If you are ready to have one of the best hair (or lash) experiences of your life, new clients get 10% off when they use code "Bailey10."

10. Ms. LoFlo Coaching - Lauren Flodquist - Dallas, TX

On the outside, Lauren is stunning. She's a beautiful girl with a killer physique. She has a passion for fitness but she also has a passion for instilling confidence into other people, especially women. She is a natural coach because she is a natural encourager and pusher. As a client of hers, I can tell you she'll kick your butt in the best way! If you need an online meal plan and training program to follow, she's offering 20% off single services, either meal prep or training programs, and 20% off combo plans with both.

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